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Coach Capture

Production graphics and CG

Time is your most crucial commodity. We recognize that there are numerous individual events to capture during any given game. Coach Capture removes the restrictions that traditionally limit your ability to quickly capture, log, and organize game clips.

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of Coach Capture, the latest addition to ChyronHego’s expanding Coaching Product Suite. It’s easy to automatically add clips to playlists and reorganize them on the fly for those instances where time is critical and pressure is high.

Designed to suit the everyday needs of the sports video analyst, Coach Capture allows for both live and post-game video recording – all the way up to HD 1080p format – tagging, and telestration of game events.

Seamless integration to the analytical workflow of the Coach Paint Product Suite is at the heart of Coach Capture. Log, navigate through events, and easily push clips between Coach Capture and Coach Paint.

And just like Coach Paint, Coach Capture is the only cross-platform logging tool available on Mac OSX, Windows 7 & 10, and Windows® Tablets.

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