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For over two decades, Metacast has been a leading provider of weather graphics solutions. With clients on six continents, Metacast provides efficient weather workflows for broadcasters on any platform and for all weather situations.

Seamlessly integrated with ChyronHego’s renowned CAMIO workflow, Metacast gives your station a distinct competitive edge through low cost of ownership and a data source agnostic model.

And in our always-on-the-go, multi-platform world, Metacast delivers high-value content on demand to your viewers.

Metacast features a highly reliable SQL® database, which is continuously updated with radar, satellite, model forecast, pinpoint city/location forecasts, and up-to-the minute remote weather station data.

As a data source agnostic solution, Metacast works equally well for major network broadcasters, integrating data from a national weather center, as it does for a local TV station requiring a “one-stop delivery” data/system/graphics/storyboard solution.