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CLEAR Cloud MAM with Work Order Management

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CLEAR Cloud MAM is a single, holistic MAM solution, which enables Media & Entertainment (M&E) companies to build a truly connected enterprise with digital workflows. With work order automation to manage tasks, resources, assets and workflow orchestration efficiently across the supply chain, Cloud MAM offers much more than a traditional MAM. It is a single MAM with media management capabilities across global sites, that integrates production, distribution, broadcasting and OTT related business activities. What’s more, it extends beyond the Technical Operations teams and is usable by creative, marketing, legal, operations, sales and senior executive leadership teams. It helps content enterprises digitize media management processes (Mastering, Compliance etc.), handle clip-based workflows, distribute screeners, manage & version On Air Promos, and collaborate seamlessly across with multiple stakeholders. The solution’s Hybrid Cloud architecture gives content owners the peace of mind that their content is secure with them while the applications run on the Cloud. Cloud MAM is ready-to-deploy and pre-integrated with industry standard applications and expert implementation support. Equipped to facilitate seamless orchestration between manual and automated tasks, it powers ingest, metadata and digital library management, and also enables easy content discovery.