Mediastor Trakstak - IABM Single BaM Product

Mediastor Trakstak - IABM Single BaM Product

MediaStor TrakStak

MediaStor TrakStak


It is not uncommon for additional audio, subtitle, audio descriptions or music and effects tracks to arrive after your content has been ingested, which means each time a new track arrives from an external supplier another time consuming ingest has to be performed.

With Aqua TrakStak, the new track is appended to your asset at up to 80 times real-time, without the need to re-ingest the video.

Initially the new track is aligned to the video using the timecode to synchronise. Any adjustment to the track alignment is made easily in the intuitive user interface – at the click of the mouse you can nudge the track, frame by frame, either backwards or forwards to ensure accurate lip sync correction.

Tracks can be re-ordered at any time, so it really doesn’t matter which track arrives first. Using a powerful 3rd party integration with Telestreams Vidchecker the QC of a full asset can now be fully automated, adding notes to the media timeline and ensuring there are no hold ups in the workflow. TrakStak is ideal for Quality Insurance, multi-language broadcasting and audio and subtitle reviewing.

Features & Benefits

–Re-sync audio tracks

–Fully automated track stacking and QC

–Import audio at 80 times real-time speeds

–High-speed audio visualisation

–Integrates with channel management systems

–Attach or link scripts, graphics and all other files

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