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Acknowledging the fact that “Content is the KING” in a media-driven workflow, QuickEdge asset management provides you complete control on media and document assets. One of the first in the industry to incorporate scale-out cluster support, all operations load is divided across the server cluster which helps in extreme scalability.

  • A core Linux based back-end provides robustness and better security for content

  • Supports multiple production storage across different platforms & protocols. Cross-Platform Client supports both Windows & MAC

  • Youtube Plugin – Upload and Manage your YouTube channel within the MAM User interface

  • Well thought user management system enables folder wise privileges to Add & edit metadata, read-write operations, Monitor system resources

  • NLE-PLUGIN: Powerful NLE plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro (Premiere Pro CC 2018 or later), final cut pro X, and Edius enable media to browse & search right inside the NLE. Drag and drop media directly on to the timeline and export to QuickEdge MAM Explore more in this video link

  • “SMART FOLDERS” and “INTRA SHARE”  features help in collaborating media with all teams.

  • Unlimited multi-type metadata fields. (Date, text, paragraph, picklist) help you create a metadata structure of your choice. each user can further customize the metadata fields.

  • Access privileges can be assigned based on users or groups. Additional support for LDAP based authentication

  • Partial retrieval support with multiple mark in and outs.

  • Smart Quota system Allows user-specific storage area allocation.

  • Duplicate media detection: Find identical media files across the solution and reduce duplication.

  • Complete system administration using a remote web application.

  • Intelligent caching for media lying in offline media like LTO, ODA and Cloud