X Pert Compact Mam - IABM Single BaM Product

X Pert Compact Mam - IABM Single BaM Product

X-Pert Compact MAM

X-Pert Compact MAM


X-Pert Compact MAM is a highly integrated SQL-based media and content management database.

User-friendly interface 

Our application is a database for media and content management. It classifies your content using many indices, such as type, category, genres, keywords, credits, media, etc. Besides, the UI is compact and comfortable. It has only three sections: Tree View, Search Fields, and Data Grid.

  • The Tree View is not only a highly space-efficient solution but also gets everything in one space. You can view it with a single click.

  • The Search Fields section allows you to find whatever you need in all database content.

  • The Data Grid presents the list of entries. Here, you can find full details of each file at a glance.

Sometimes, more than one asset should be updated with a piece of information. In such cases, XCM provides multi-editing functionality. This feature allows you to edit data in several records simultaneously. In particular, you will be aware of the identical and various fields between the records in your database.

Export to MS Excel

This seamless integration with MS Excel allows you to export your records to the .*xls file. Moreover, you can create a template form in MS Excel to be filled in with records from X-Pert Compact MAM.


You can use this functionality to create new records. Furthermore, the templates option saves effort for entering uniform data in multiple records. Meanwhile, they are very useful for creating sequences that consist of many records with the same data.

Expired node

Each database requires strong maintenance. Notably, the deletion of data can be a real problem. Because of that, our application provides a unique expired node. You just have to decide how to proceed with these instances. For example, you may delete them or change their expiration dates.

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