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Media asset management (MAM)

Spaces|MAM is a fully featured web-based media management tool that enables you to handle ingest, metadata, logging, search, viewing, editing and transcoding of media assets from a Tiger Spaces managed virtual workspace. The Spaces|MAM integration with Tiger Spaces controls the media flow, project definition and all metadata throughout the entire production. Via its web interface, users can search, browse, upload & download, share rough cuts with clients, and perform any actions allowed by their profile even without accessing the local storage directly. Spaces|MAM has an integrated player window that allows operators to preview any content, add in/out marks, leave comments, etc. Spaces|MAM has a built-in web editor which allows you to fully edit your media for news, sport, or social media. It also enables live web stream editing and publishing content to multiple platforms in various formats from within the browser.

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