Dalet Galaxy Xcloud - IABM Single BaM Product

Dalet Galaxy Xcloud - IABM Single BaM Product

Dalet Galaxy xCloud

Dalet Galaxy xCloud


Dalet Galaxy xCloud is a secure and highly scalable SaaS solution hosted by Dalet that extends on-premises production and enables an exceptional, friction-free remote editing and collaboration experience from home to hub.

Dalet Galaxy xCloud enables customers to work productively from home leveraging cloud infrastructure, while still using familiar production tools, such as Dalet OneCut, Dalet WebSpace, and Dalet On-the-Go from their home-based devices. Adobe® Premiere® Pro based editing workflows are also supported through the Dalet Xtend plugin.

Dalet’s powerful local caching mechanism provides a seamless editing experience even under difficult network conditions with Galaxy xCloud. Benefit from advanced proxy editing, mixing of central and local content, ability to review packages, approve stories, and deliver breaking news in seconds.

Dalet Galaxy xCloud works through a simple, but secure gateway to your on-premise system. Hosted in AWS and fully managed by Dalet, the solution complies with our leading security policies (ISO 27100).

Key features of Dalet Galaxy xCloud:

  • Collaborate: Work collaboratively with your production team, access new content as it arrives and edit growing files.

  • Produce: Mix local and remote content seamlessly on the timeline. No need to download large high-resolution files.

  • Create: Leverage Dalet OneCut powerful editing features such a new effects and transitions, support for a range of aspects ratios including vertical and square, and much more!

  • Work offline: Even when you can’t connect, cached content allows you to continue to edit from virtually anywhere.

  • Integrate: Leverage central resources with remote rendering at the production hub.

  • Scale: Adjust your Dalet Galaxy xCloud infrastructure as your operational requirements change.

With Dalet Galaxy xCloud, broadcasters and media organizations can ensure business continuity and drive remote workflows that focus on creative work, not on content logistics.


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