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IBM Enterprise Video Streaming

Media asset management (MAM)

IBM Enterprise Video Streaming is an end-to-end solution for internal communications, simplifying the process of delivering town halls, conducing employee training and general department communication.


The cloud based platform enhances workforce engagement and collaboration through secure, internal facing video delivered through a streaming platform. Content is secured through SSO (Single Sign-On) that can link up to a corporate directory, allowing employees to use familiar credentials to login.

Included in the service are numerous features ranging from automatic archiving of material, multi-administrative capabilities (with audit trail) and tapping into AI analysis through being infused with IBM Watson. This is done through speech-to-text processes that develop transcripts and captions for content. These are then used to enhance internal search, allowing employees and other stakeholders to not just turn up relevant content but also to jump to a specific moment in a video where a phrase might have been mentioned.

Visit the website below to learn more and to see testimonials on how Herman Miller, Airbnb, Marshall Multimedia, AngioDynamics and others are using the solution today.

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