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MediaStor ShotLogger

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ShotLogger is used to tag frame accurate ‘points of interest’ in your media, saving it as metadata for future use in your database. It is perfect for marking up goals and penalties in football, crashes and overtaking in F1 racing, speeches at a political party conference, special events in newsgathering, flashing lights, violence and nudity for TV and film compliance – the list is endless

This information, which is synchronised to the video by the timecode, can be used when selecting media with common themes for creating a montage sequence, a series promo or edited highlights from an event. It is extremely powerful when making altered versions of the same content for compliance purposes.

ShotLogger has a flexible graphic user interface (GUI), which can be customised to suit all your user preferences and client workflow requirements. This includes keyboard shortcuts, customisable keywords and form design, keyframe adjustment and shot-change configuration. The keyboard shortcut templates also integrate with Quantel, Avid, FCP and Adobe.

Using the keyword buttons, events and points of interest are easily logged and colour coded for quick identification. Shots made in ShotLogger offer cross module interaction, becoming searchable through Aqua Finder, Splice and TrakStak making it easy to find specific events no matter when they took place. Each Shot offers a comment box for a description of the event to allow for even easier searching and quick reviewing.

Features & Benefits
--Optimise edit suite usage
--Low resolution ‘browse’ versions allow for remote working
--Re-purpose content
--Fast content, clip-note and metadata search
--Ideal for edit-compliance newsroom, live sports production and fast turnaround and continuity
--Enriching content with metadata
--Touch screen compatible